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also known as dreamywolf
i draw both sfw/nsfw stuff, crafts and i wanna make animation more frequently (original content, fancontent, furry)
i love sonic/sega

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Hey everyone, eddy here

-incoming wall of text-

and oh man, has it really been a while since ive used this Newgrounds account huh?

even after promising returns and stuff, i really haven't used my account much like i would expected, i really dont even know if there's people who will read this or not

ive been mostly busy, but also been studying and other stuff related to artistic abilities, life in general etc etc, however, ive noticed during the last few years, i saw newgrounds be revived again during these latest years and stuff and it really made me think if to come back and try to use this account more, i dont hate newgrounds, i just never use it as much since i struggle with making something decent so it can be atleast approved to be here

(my small dumb wario animation did not make it tho)

so what's the deal with this post im doing? well, im just noticing my return to the page (and hoping the people who has followed me before to notice it since i feel like ive been letting them down and stuff) and also because ive been doing some small animations too, so i feel like i can **finally** post small but a few animations here that ive been doing (with the hopes of them being decent to be approved)

i'll do my best to also use frequently (or atleast whenever i can) my account to upload my arts too since ive been doing those too

so yeah that's what i made this announcement for, i hope to bring and deliver you all (and for newgrounds) good content for the website and i hope it all turns out well

hope you've all been doing well and staying safe due to obvious world reasons currently happening at the moment, and i hope you all have a good one too

let's get started (or not, i dont even know if this will work out or not)

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